Playing All Summer


The Silver Tones (Les Sons Argenté), who have been playing and singing with different groups since the late 1950s, will perform June 1 through Aug. 22 at various nursing homes and public events. The Silver Tones became a group in 1998. Members sing old popular songs, country westerns, Irish ballads and French songs. They perform all-French programs, all-English programs or a mixture of French and English. The Silver Tones are, from left, front, Paul N. Farrell, guitar and lead singer; and Maurice Pelletier, violin. Back: Gilberte Farrell, singer and percussionist; Norm Perrin, bass guitar, banjo and harmonica; Gerry Poussard, guitar and harmonica; and Aliette Couturier, singer and percussionist. The group will perform at La Kermesse Festival in Biddeford June 24-25; at the Rockland Lobster Festival Aug. 2 and at the Great Falls Balloon Festival Aug. 19.