Please, Sen. Collins, vote 'no'


I am deeply disappointed to read of Sen. Susan Collins’ likely support for the proposed income tax bill. Every nonpartisan analysis I have read points to great benefits to corporations and the wealthy; meager and declining benefits for small businesses, middle class and poor families.

The switch in taxing corporations at a territorial rather than international basis will encourage them to move more of their operations overseas, further eroding tax revenues that support programs in the U.S. The cuts in federally-funded programs will follow, further gutting research and development, education, housing, health, food, environment and infrastructure so critical to the collective well-being of this nation.

I beg Sen. Collins to reconsider her vote and insist on taking the time to develop a sound, bipartisan plan that would benefit all, not just the few at the top. Not to mention the increase in the deficit that would be passed on to the next generations to pay for those tax cuts for the wealthy.

Debra Smith, New Gloucester

  • Rene Veilleux

    Save your breath, Debra. Your pleas to the Sen. will fall on deaf ears. I’ve emailed her a half dozen times and called her DC line a half dozen more – crickets on her end. You see, Debra, Republican Senators must now repay their multi millionaire donors for funding their campaigns all these years. Paul Ryan and Steve Mnuchin have actually said that exact thing at fundraisers in the past few months. The time has come for them to pay the piper and they will do it at the cost to regular Americans. Period. Whatever happened to Collins fighting for the 13 Million people who will be thrown off of their healthcare? And why is the carried interest loophole which only benefits millionaire Hedge Fund Sheisters still in the bill? Now, we hear a special loophole benefiting only Real Estate Developers ( isn’t that what the Trumps are?) has been secretly inserted into the bill this past weekend! This bill is a grotesque mockery and we all have to remember it well into the future. Republicans should be aware that we know what they’ve done, even as they start sharpening their knives to cut deeply into Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid because of the extra 1.5-2.0 Trillion dollars this abomination adds to the deficit. This is Trumps’ Christmas gift to America!

  • CL

    And I applaud Sen. Collins for her “Yes” vote.

  • mikemattmic

    Great vote, Senator Collins.