Please, think of our safety


Although there are many unsafe intersections around this city due to the lack of appropriate stop lights or signage, one in particular grabbed my attention as my daughter left my River Road driveway, drove to the new intersection of River Road and Alfred Plourde Parkway, and was slammed by a car speeding up River Road, as she sat, stopped, at the stop sign.

There should be a stop light there.

I have seen and experienced some close calls since the change in the landscaping. City highway engineers, or whoever’s bright idea it was, did put a stop sign there, but, after stopping, drivers must creep up almost into the intersection to see if a car is approaching. It’s unsafe.

That is why my daughter is still home, out of school, injured.

If a stoplight would had been placed there the accident might not have occurred.

So I ask, why is it that highway officials seem to wait until there is an injury or even a death before they do anything about a clearly unsafe intersection?

How about forgetting, for just a moment, how nice things look and think of safety.

That’s the least that could be done.

Julie Dionne, Lewiston