Please, update your dictionaries


“Discretion: Good sense in making decisions.”

“Compassion: The deep feeling of sharing the suffering of another in the inclination to give and or support; to show mercy.”

Those are definitions from Webster’s.

I needed to start this letter with two definitions I feel the Sun Journal editors’ dictionaries are lacking. I find it appalling that the Sun Journal continues to include photographs of the scenes of accidents where people were killed, the most recent being the accident that killed my friend, Mike Higgins.

Do the photographers or editors even consider the feelings of the families involved, or has the paper chosen to become one of those “rag” publications that believe it is OK to hurt a few as long as readership is up?

I can’t believe the good people of Maine crave that kind of sensationalism.

Please add the previous definitions to the vocabularies and sensibilities of editors and photographers and, in the future, use some discretion and compassion in reporting fatal accidents.

Lisa Carroll, Auburn