The plight of ‘legal’ Americans


The modus operandi of our contemporary political system (exclusive of party affiliation) generally has been to obfuscate the context of debate. The possibilities and permutations for avoiding a well-deserved “slap on the behind” inherently protect Republicans and Democrats alike from the pain of embarrassing disclosure.

A case in point would be illegal immigration.

U.S. politicians have cleverly shifted the blame for the dilemma on the shoulders of millions of undocumented Hispanics. Like Pilate, they have washed their hands, while cavalierly turning a blind eye to U.S. employers who hire illegals in violation of current federal law. Then we are instructed that protecting U.S. borders is a nearly impossible task, and, in the same breath, that the technology and resources to manage the conflict and reconstruction efforts in Iraq are indisputable.

I wonder, how long will the American public continue to embrace mediocrity? The presidential candidates in the most recent election alone represent a continuing decline in the quality of individuals who aspire to be president of the United States of America. Maybe I’ve become cynical, but it would sure be refreshing to see a new breed of professionals who are not afraid of taking up the plight of “legal American citizens.”

John Dumont, Monmouth