Poet’s Corner



The crows are not eyeing the corn, instead they are looking at the blueberries.

The tomato plants have decided to reach for the blue sky.

A dusty attic spider is busy weaving a deadly web for a visiting fly.

The cool fresh ocean breeze calms the fiery flames of the summer sun.

The birds chanting among themselves about who got the early worm.

The weeds are lurking carefully not to be pulled by some stranger.

The golden sunset in the early evening has painted the lake water.

The leaves of the tree branches slowly dancing in the summer sun.

The bees fellowship among themselves and develop a honey of an idea.

A drought has left small streams with just mud and rocks.

A thunderstorm has left time not moving on the clocks.

The shaded areas are crowded with people seeking relieve help from the summer sun.

Greg Zemlansky, Farmington