Pogey will bring upbeat music to Saddleback


RANGELEY — The Canadian-based, Celtic rock group POGEY will play Saturday, March 20, at Saddleback Maine.

The band combines fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar and banjo with bass, drums and four-part harmonies to produce its trademark sound known to get people dancing.

Pogey’s high energy and interactive stage shows have made them popular at major festivals, conferences and top clubs.

“Pogey plays fun, lighthearted music,” said Conrad Klefos, director of marketing at Saddleback. “Come for the day and bring your skis and dancing shoes.”

Tickets are $20. The show will begin at 8 p.m. in the base lodge. For tickets, call 866-918-2225, get them at the base lodge or visit www.saddlebackmaine.com.

Pogey will bring its high-enegery, Celtic rock sound to Saddleback Maine on Saturday, March 20.