Poisonous atmosphere


Today, the Republican Party is recognized as the party of greed and, more recently, of “just say no.” Its leaders revolt when any social program is suggested.

This selfish behavior seems to be part of its manifesto. It is a sad truth, but of late, members have added an even more sinister label to themselves — that of the party of hate.

Their spokesmen can be heard loud and clear every day spewing their diatribe of bigotry and hatred over the airways to the gullible and ignorant among us.

We hear outbursts from them in Congress that demean their fellow statesmen, the president, and any individual who dares to disagree with them.

Like the bully in the schoolyard who beats up anyone who dares get in his way, they use fear as a weapon to dissuade anyone who may have an opposing point of view.

Unfortunately, Maine’s two senators are in lockstep with them. They seem to care more about how much the special interest groups are putting into their coffers than the welfare of their constituents.

There was a time when some middle ground could be found; when both parties could share in a bipartisan way for the benefit of all.

Today, the poisonous atmosphere of opposing ideologies seems to make that impossible.

I’m concerned that until voters start electing representatives who want to work for the common good, instead of their own selfish interests, the road ahead looks very bleak for all of us.

Dan Cake, Auburn