Poland band lighting it up


Sparks the Rescue, a young-and-upcoming band from Poland, recently signed a record deal with Double Blind Music in New York City, which will release its EP, “The Secrets We Can’t Keep,” Feb. 6 through the iTunes Music Store.

Sparks the Rescue (formerly Pozer) has worked to find a niche in the emo-pop/metal-hardcore scene. The band’s music is a unique blend: part screamo, part postindustrial hard core and part rock. Creating these sounds are Marty McMorrow, 21; Patrick O’Connell, 21; Alex Roy, 20; Toby McAllister, 19; Nathan Spencer, 19; and Ben Briggs, 19.

Their two self-released CDs – “Stumbling Skyward” and “Hey Mr. Allure” – sell well at every Bull Moose Music in Maine and New Hampshire.

WCYY, a Portland rock/alternative station, plays their songs.