Poland developer requests board’s help on road issue


POLAND — Residents and the developer of the Wedgewood Estates subdivision want Wedgewood Circle accepted as a town road.

On Tuesday, developer Brian Merrill, backed by a dozen subdivision residents, appealed to selectmen to assist him in his dealings with the Planning Board.

“It seems unfair that I am asked to rebuild the road,” Merrill said. “It’s impossible to do what (Code Enforcement Officer) Nick Adams asks for.”

Wedgewood Estates was built several years ago as the town’s first cluster development, which is allowed special status under the land use ordinance. It was permitted to have a cul-de-sac turnaround that is smaller than the ordinance otherwise allows.

According to Lorin Martin, Merrill’s assistant on the project, the roadbed for Wedgewood Circle more than meets all specifications for acceptance as a town road and is constructed as well as Autumn Drive, another road in the subdivision which has been accepted as a town road.

Selectmen agreed that the subdivision roads were well built. Selectman Steve Robinson said they were some the best roads in town.

Public Works Director Tom Learned, however, pointed out that while the cul-de-sac is smaller than called for, plowing was not a problem.

But whether the road was good or worked wasn’t the issue and didn’t render the turnaround acceptable to the Planning Board.

Selectmen pointed out they have no power to override any decision the Planning Board makes.

Selectmen did agree to call a workshop, inviting the parties involved to establish what exactly went on when waivers regarding the size of the turnaround were made and whether the original intent was to have a road constructed so it might one day become a town road.

The workshop is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 14.

In another land issue, selectmen unanimously voted to authorize the code enforcement officer and town attorney to proceed with action against Jeffrey Coolidge for violations of the land use ordinance.

Selectmen met with Coolidge on Sept. 16 in an attempt to resolve a long-standing land-use dispute.

Coolidge was cited for adding a new structure to his storage building business without permits and has repeatedly refused to go before the Planning Board for them.

Coolidge’s business is along Route 11, not far from Tripp Lake.

Selectmen also conducted public interviews with prospective School Committee members Melanie Harvey, Leonard Lamoreau and Nicole Patenaude. The three volunteered for the seat on the Regional School Unit 16 board vacated by Joe Parent, who resigned a month ago.

Impressed with all three candidates, selectmen asked them to return for a second interview Oct. 21, when they intend to make a decision.

According to school district procedures, it is the selectmen’s responsibility to appoint someone to serve until the next regularly scheduled municipal election.