Poland resident supports smaller RSU 16 committee


POLAND — Resident George Sanborn told the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday that he thought the Regional School Unit 16 committee is too big and ought to be downsized.

“With 15 members, it is just too big a governing body,” Sanborn said.

Town Manager Dana Lee said that from what he could gather, the committee was an entity unto itself and it didn’t have to take any advice from the selectmen, but he supposed that if the committee wanted to change its makeup, it could.

“I’m sure they can adjust their numbers or the weight of their members’ votes, probably much like making a charter change for the town,” Lee said.

Sanborn said he doubted the committee would want to reduce its numbers on its own.

Selectman Larry Moreau said he was pretty sure Sanborn could cause the committee to consider reducing its numbers through a citizens’ petition.

Sanborn, who noted that with 15 members the board was bound to have some inefficiencies, asked Lee how he would like to be working with a board of that size.

“Five seems adequate to me,” Lee said, looking about the room.

Lee said he would contact the Maine Municipal Association to see what steps Sanborn should take to ask or force the RSU to change the composition of its board and would get back to him within two weeks.