Poland to set election to replace ousted selectmen


POLAND — Town officials devised a schedule Friday for replacing three selectmen ousted Thursday in a recall election.

Town Manager Rosemary Roy, her assistant, Nikki Pratt, and Town Clerk Judy Akers, with help from Selectmen Steve Robinson and Lester Stevens, came up with the plan.

Robinson and Stevens will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, to call for the election of three selectmen on March 4.

Selectmen Jim Fernald, Larry Moreau and Wendy Sanborn were removed from office Thursday, putting some town business on hold because of the lack of a quorum. The recall was initiated after the three voted in October to fire Town Manager Rosemary Kulow.

Because Sanborn’s three-year term was scheduled to expire at April’s town meeting, the person seeking her seat will be elected to serve one month.

Ferland and Moreau’s terms were scheduled to expire in April 2015, so their replacements will be elected to two years.

Nomination papers for the special election are available at the Town Office. The deadline for filing nomination papers is Jan. 18.

“Residents interested in running for the Board of Selectmen should be aware that we’re also going to have to hold a regular election in April to elect two selectmen,” Roy said.

She said Sanborn and Stevens’ terms were scheduled to expire in April so the town had already planned to hold an election on April 5 to fill those seats.

Nomination papers for the two three-year seats on the board will be available Jan. 10, with the deadline for completed papers set for Feb. 19.

“Essential town business will go forward,” Roy said. “The two-member board will hold their regular business meetings, but they will be limited in what they can do.”

Among the items that will have to be canceled is a public hearing planned for Jan. 15 on the town’s fee schedules.

The board will be able to approve payrolls and payables, Roy said, and it will go ahead with preparing a budget to present to voters at the April town meeting.

“They won’t be able to take any formal action on the budget until after the March 4 election brings the board up to five members,” Roy said.

She suggested that it would be helpful if residents interested in running for selectmen attend the regular business and budget discussion meetings during the next two months.

“There’s a lot going on this time of year and the more knowledgeable everybody is about what’s going on, the better off the town will be,” Roy said.