Poland Spring is a local resource


In response to Linda Dumey’s letter (April 19), I am proud to work for Poland Spring.

I work as a natural resource supervisor at the company’s original facility in Poland where we’ve been bottling spring water for over 165 years. Nearly 300 people work here with me. We earn a good living working for a responsible Maine business that offers heath care, paid sick time, profit sharing and a variety of other benefits that help support a lot of local families, including my own.

I’ve seen firsthand how my company is committed to helping make Maine a better place to live. We give generously to local causes and organizations, volunteer our time with local charities, and donate water to community events, and emergency responders. We sent almost two million bottles of water to the people of Haiti just days after the earthquake struck. Our water education team, which includes me, teaches hundreds of Maine students about protecting their local watershed and how water quality affects aquatic life and the environment.

Since 1992, Poland Spring, through its parent company Nestle Waters, has invested over half a billion in our state. I’m proud that I work for a company that believes in investing in Maine people and local communities.

Mark Laplante, Lewiston