Poland Spring’s stewardship exemplary


People in Rumford may not know me personally, but I am intimately acquainted with the geology and hydro-geology of Rumford and the Ellis Aquifer. I’m the state geologist emeritus, which is a fancy way of saying I’m the retired Maine state geologist and director of the Maine Geological Survey. I directed the mapping of Maine’s water aquifer resources.

I spent my entire career studying and teaching the geology of Maine, as well as working to preserve and protect Maine’s natural resources and beauty. I also pay very close attention to businesses that rely on Maine’s natural resources and what their stewardship of those resources looks like.

Poland Spring’s stewardship of Maine’s natural spring water resources is exemplary. The company takes extraordinary measures — above and beyond those required by statute — to monitor its water sources and its usage. When Poland Spring goes into a region, it brings with it responsible caretaking of the environment, as well as jobs and economic opportunity. Poland Spring is a responsible, reliable good neighbor. If Poland Spring were to become a customer of the Rumford Water District, it would bring substantial benefit to the region with it.

While I am not a resident of Rumford, I offer my observations as a citizen of Maine, a knowledgeable expert in hydro-geology, and an impartial observer of natural resource-based businesses.


Walter Anderson, North Yarmouth