Police arrest three at pit party


WATERFORD — Police charged three individuals and issued summons to several others early Sunday after breaking up a large pit party.

The Oxford County Regional Communications Center received a complaint of an underage drinking party off Hunt’s Corner Road at about 12:45 a.m. Sgt. Timothy Ontengco of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office said deputy Danielle Welch was sent to the scene and called for backup after finding about 50 people at a sand pit. Four deputies from the Sheriff’s Office went to the scene, along with three troopers from the Maine State Police and an officer from the Norway Police Department.

“The person I talked to said it was because college was getting out and they were getting together with some friends, but there were also some juveniles there,” Ontengco said.

Brooke C. Mason, 20, of Plains Road in Harrison, was charged with assault on an officer and disorderly conduct. Chief Deputy Dane Tripp said Mason assaulted Welch during an altercation.

Also arrested were brothers Kyle J. McLendon, 20, of School House Road in Oxford, and Thomas Colby McLendon, 18, of Nichols Street in Oxford. Both were charged with disorderly conduct, and Thomas was also charged with criminal trespass.

Kyle and Thomas were released from the Oxford County Jail on personal recognizance and $300 unsecured bail. Mason had also been released on $300 bail by Tuesday.

Ontengco said several people at the scene were given summonses for alcohol possession, but was unsure of the exact number. Tripp said the Sheriff’s Office issued at least six summonses.

Ontengco said several people at the party ran into the woods after police arrived, and that some were taunting officers while hiding. Several people were found in the woods by officers using night-vision equipment.

Police attempted to secure safe transportation for people at the party. Eight cars were towed after efforts to find the owners at the scene were unsuccessful.

Ontengco said police were informed that the spot has been used for parties in the past. He said that the Sheriff’s Office will be increasing its efforts to crack down on such underage parties with its upgraded vehicle fleet.

“A lot of folks go places where we can’t go, but now we’re going to get four-wheel drives and we’re going to be checking these spots,” he said.

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