Police investigate theft of handgun; arrest women in separate case


LIVERMORE FALLS — Police are investigating leads in the theft of several items including a 9 mm handgun from a cash box at a Leeds Road residence.

Police received a report of the theft on Monday that occurred sometime in March, Livermore Falls police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Tuesday.

The delay in reporting the theft came after the resident couldn’t find a key to the box, and recently got a new one to open it. It was then that it was realized items were missing, he said.

Reported stolen besides the gun was a digital camera, a Leatherman and some cash, Steward said. Officer Steve Wilkinson is investigating.

Police are also investigating a report at 3:15 a.m. Tuesday of three tires slashed on a vehicle on Hidden Avenue, off Cargill Street. The damage is estimated at $200, Steward said.

That call was followed by 4 a.m. report of a fistfight nearby at the intersection of Cargill and Church streets, he said.

When police arrived they found two sisters, Xiomara Sarmiento, 19, and Crystal Jolicoeur, 22, both of Wheeler Street, yelling and screaming into a cell phone and being disorderly, instead of a fistfight going on, Steward said.

The officer warned the women to go home and quiet down. The women took off headed in the direction of where the people were located that they had been yelling into the phone at, he said.

Officer Steve Allen advised them once more to go home. Jolicoeur became disorderly and as Allen tried to arrest her, a Jay officer called to assist him was assaulted by Sarmiento, Steward said, according to the police report.

Sarmiento was grabbing at him trying to keep Jolicoeur from being arrested, he said. Both women ended up being arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Jolicoeur was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct and Sarmiento was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and assault, Steward said.

Bail was set for Jolicoeur at $160 cash and for Sarmiento it was $260 cash, Steward said. Both were taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn and are scheduled to appear at Lewiston District Court on July 14.

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