Police seek help in solving burglaries


FARMINGTON – Police and members of a property crimes task force are asking the public for help in solving a rash of burglaries in southern Franklin and northern Kennebec counties that occurred over the past three months.

One of the burglaries was at the Post Office in East Wilton overnight March 21. The U.S. Postal Service is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

Entry into the building in that case was made by breaking the back door open. It was unclear at the time of the burglary what exactly was taken but police believed postage stamps were missing.

Anyone with information may call the Postal Inspection Service at 871-8546, Wilton police at 645-3876 or Franklin County Sheriff’s Department at 778-2680. Caller information will be kept confidential.

The same night that the post office was entered My Dad’s Place in North Jay was burglarized. Under $300 in cash and five cartons of cigarettes were taken.

They’re two of many burglaries that police have been trying to solve. The investigation includes members of the Tri-County Property Crimes Task Force from Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties,

Town offices, a church and businesses have been hit and damaged as well as had items and money stolen during the spree.

People wishing to report information may use the Tri-County Property Crimes Task Force Web site at www.propertycrimes.com and remain anonymous, if they desire, or call local police or the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department toll-free at 1-800-773-2680, or Maine State Police at 1-800-452-4664.