Poliquin avoids media, constituents


This is in response to a front-page article (Aug. 26) about Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s careful avoidance of the press, so as not to give the media any ammunition against him. In the article, he stated that it would be “stupid” of him to speak to the media.

He avoids his constituents in the same way. Congress sets aside many week-long recesses during each year so that representatives and senators can go back to their home districts to have town-hall style meetings to discuss matters with their constituents, hear their views and to answer any questions and concerns that voters might have.

I cannot recall Poliquin ever having one such meeting. Instead, he hides in “tunnels” (as he describes to his close followers in their secretive, closed-door meetings).

The article was continued on Page 4 of the newspaper. I mistakenly turned to Page 3 and looked for the continuation of the story. I saw a title “Hide and seek” and thought it was the continuation of the story because that accurately describes Poliquin’s behavior pattern.

Jim Bossie, Turner