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Supreme Court puts Utah same-sex marriage on hold

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday put same-sex marriages on hold in Utah, at least while a federal appeals court more fully considers the issue. The court issued a brief order blocking any new same-sex unions in the state. The order grants an emergency appeal by the sta...


LePage names Jim Rier to lead Department of Education

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage announced Monday that he has selected Jim Rier as his nominee for commissioner of the Department of Education. Rier, who has worked in the department for 10 years and who was appointed acting commissioner by LePage in October of last year, has been overseei...

12:30pm Sun Journal

No delay planned for Lewiston inauguration

UPDATE: Storm bumps Lewiston inaugural until Tuesday


Legislature returns Wednesday for 2014 session

AUGUSTA — Maine lawmakers return this week to begin their work on a host of issues including the state budget and college affordability, but what's likely to be one of the biggest, most partisan debates of the year isn't a new one. Democrats, who control the Legislature, are renewing...


New military recruiters bill proposed for Maine

AUGUSTA (AP) — A second effort is underway to pass legislation in Maine to guarantee that military recruiters would be allowed to wear uniforms in schools. A Republican-backed bill was narrowly defeated in the last session after acrimonious debate and accusations of anti-military bia...


LePage continues effort to lower energy costs for Maine ratepayers

AUGUSTA — For the fourth year in a row, Republican Gov. Paul LePage's administration is pushing to roll back or significantly change portions of Maine law aimed at boosting in-state renewable energy production. LePage says he wants to level the state's energy-production playing field... 3


LePage wants to remove welfare work exemptions

AUGUSTA — Republican Gov. Paul LePage announced Friday that he will seek changes to the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program in order to avoid millions of dollars in federal penalties that he said result from a welfare system that’s too generous. Democr... 6


Maine forest rangers make the case for sidearms

Bill Greaves knows how quickly things can go bad for a Maine Forest Ranger. In 1989, Greaves, now the regional forest ranger in Ashland, responded with a sheriff’s deputy to a call that nearly cost him his life. “The incident I was in was actually a medical emergency tha...

12:00am Sun Journal

Maine's political gaffes fetch mea culpas in 2013

AUGUSTA — They put on clown noses in committee, lambasted each other with crude insults on television and spent time thinking with or about their "man brains." Maine politicians, both Democratic and Republican, were anything but boring in the things they did or said in 2013. And it w...


1,530 gay couples married in Maine in 2013

AUGUSTA — Seven years ago, Bev and Sue Uhlenhake of Brewer were married in a big wedding in the Dominican Republic, though when they came home to Maine their marriage was not legal. Then, in December 2012, same-sex marriage became legal in Maine after the state’s voters approve...