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Ballot 2013: Christopher Langis, Auburn School Committee at-large

Biographical information Name: Christopher Langis Office Sought: Auburn School Committee, at large Home Street Address: 85 Pride road Campaign P...

Ballot 2013: Stavros Mendros, Lewiston School Committee Ward 2

Biographical information Name: Stavros J. Mendros Office Sought: Lewiston School Committee, Ward 2 Home Street Address: 135 Hogan Rd.Lewiston, Me 04240 ...

Ballot 2013: Trinh Burpee, Lewiston School Committee Ward 3

Biographical information Name: Trinh Burpee Office Sought: Lewiston School Committee, Ward 3 Home Street Address: 253 Pine Street, Lewiston Maine

Ballot 2013: Jim Handy, Lewiston School Committee Ward 4

Biographical information Name: James “Jim” R. Handy Office Sought: Lewiston School Committee, Ward 4 Home Street Address: A lifelong native Lewisto...

Ballot 2013: Matthew Roy, Lewiston School Committee Ward 6

Biographical information Name: Matthew P. Roy Office Sought: Lewiston School Committee, Ward 6 Home Street Address: 357 Randall Road Campaign Ph...

Ballot 2013: Zam Zam Mohamud, Lewiston School Committee at large

Lewiston School Committee at-large write-in candidate ZamZam Mohamud

Auburn Ward 4 candidates think they have right skills for job

AUBURN — Two newcomers to city politics both say they have the temperament and experience to represent the residents in Auburn's Ward 4. Doris Russell, a former state employee, said she has a mind for policy discussions. "It may sound weird, but I like policy," she said. "A lo...

E. Field: Far too much influence

The Taliban are a religious dictatorship whose members believe that they are the only ones who can interpret the Koran. The American extreme religious right believes the same about the Bible. Neither believe in separation of church and state. Like our religious right, the Tal... 2

Budget default looming

WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats in Congress lumbered through a day of political maneuvering Saturday while a threatened default by the Treasury crept uncomfortably closer and a partial government shutdown neared the end of its second week. “We haven’t done anything... 1

Top LePage consultant worked on failed Lewiston casino campaign

LEWISTON — A top political consultant who is the campaign spokesman for Gov. Paul LePage was heavily involved in a failed 2011 attempt to bring a casino to downtown Lewiston. The Sun Journal has learned that Brent Littlefield was hired by a pair of Maine political... 3