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Committee approves measures meant to bolster Maine's open meetings law

AUGUSTA –  A pair of bills meant to strengthen the public's access to government and ensure transparent conduct by both state and local elected officials moved from the Legislature's Judiciary Committee Thursday.


Legislature blocks 2 bills targeting wind energy regulation

Maine Senate nixes bills to change wind power laws AUGUSTA — The Legislature has rejected two bills to change the state's wind energy laws aimed at ensuring projects benefit the state economically and don't hinder the beauty of the state's natural resources. The Democratic-led... 1


Maine Senate deals fatal blow to 6 gaming bills

AUGUSTA, Maine — A group of statewide gaming bills that have been bouncing between procedural life and death in the Legislature died for good Thursday at the hands of the Senate. The six bills, which include three proposals to allow the state’s Native American tribes to expand ... 2


Maine House OKs concealed handgun permit overhaul

AUGUSTA — A bill to to improve Maine’s concealed weapon permitting process by ensuring adequate background checks and creating a confidential database of permit holders was given initial approval by the House on Thursday. The bill, 


Senate unplugs LePage bill to remove Maine's cap on hydropower

AUGUSTA — By a broad bipartisan margin, the state Senate on Wednesday again unplugged a proposal in which Republican Gov. Paul LePage sought to remove a 100-megawatt cap on hydropower, which is required in the state's renewable energy portfolio. LePage has argued that lifting the cap... 2


Senate passes bill to cancel welfare consultant's contract

AUGUSTA — Maine's Senate has approved a measure to cancel Republican Gov. Paul LePage's administration's contract with a consultant examining its Medicaid program. The Senate backed the bill with a 21-14 vote Wednesday. The bill eliminating the contract with the Alexander Group, led ... 4


House passes bill with rebates for solar panels, heat pumps

AUGUSTA — A bill that seeks to expand the use of photovoltaic solar panels and is funded through a fee charged to electricity ratepayers passed in the Maine House on Wednesd... 2


Maine committee reviews bills aimed at welfare fraud and abuse; told to save Parents as Scholars Program

AUGUSTA — Ask Heidi Hart about a state program that helped lift her and her daughter out of poverty and Hart will tell you the Parents as Scholars Program was essential to changing her life and the lives of hundreds of other Maine families. Hart, now a lawyer, u... 1


Maine House passes 2 bills targeting DHHS decisions

AUGUSTA, Maine — Lawmakers in Maine’s lower chamber on Tuesday gave initial approval to two bills that would see the Legislature intercede in the operations of the Department of Health and Human Services, which Democrats accuse Republican Gov. Paul LePage of mismanaging. Both b... 3


LePage signs bill adding $21 million to rainy day fund

AUGUSTA — Maine Gov. Paul LePage has signed a bill to replenish the state's rainy day fund and is allowing infrastructure projects that were put on hold to move forward. The Republican governor's bill puts $21 million back into the fund, which was tapped to pay for revenue sharing.