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Truckers say safety a priority

HERMON — Truckers passing through Maine say they keep safety at the front of their minds all the time because their livelihood is at stake. “That’s No. 1. If you're not safe, you’re not going to get to where you’re going,” said Duane Laybolt, a truck dri...

Maine solicits bids for state's wholesale liquor contract

AUGUSTA — The state's wholesale liquor business is up for grabs to the lowest bidder. The contract to administer and provide trade marketing for the state's hard liquor business could be worth more than half a billion dollars over the 10-year contract. The state is looking for...

Lewiston mayoral candidates spar over housing, welfare in first debate

LEWISTON — Low crime, support for professional hockey in Lewiston, a positive view of the city's rain fee and admiration for the city's immigrants and Somali business owners were issues on which mayoral candidates 2

Feds cut funding for Riverview Psychiatric Center

AUGUSTA — The federal government notified the Maine Department of Health and Human Services Wednesday that it is terminating Riverview Psychiatric Center’s Medicare Provider Agreement, essentially shutting off some $20 million in annual federal funding at the state-run Augusta hospita... 1

Gilbert, Macdonald mayoral debate

Mayoral candidates Larry Gilbert and Robert Macdonald will squard off at a live public forum hosted by the Sun Journal and the Lewiston Public Library.

Ballot 2013: Larry Gilbert, Lewiston mayor

Larry Gilbert, candidate for Lewiston Mayor. 1

Ballot 2013: Bob Macdonald, Lewiston mayor

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston Mayoral candidate, lewiston mayor 1

No love lost between Lewiston, Mayoral rivals

LEWISTON — Mayoral candidates Bob Macdonald and Larry Gilbert can't agree on the most basic question — whether or not they even like each other. "I know Larry can't stand me, and I don't like him," Macdonald said. "I think he's arrogant, but that's his style. I'm not like that.... 8

Shutdown Update: Obama calls for meeting with Congress

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama summoned congressional leaders to the White House on Wednesday as a partial government shutdown entered a second day with little sign of a breakthrough to get hundreds of thousands of people back to work. Some on Capitol Hill ominously suggested the impas...

'We, the men, have to help to eliminate abuse'

AUGUSTA — To win the battle against domestic violence, Gov. Paul LePage says men need to stop seeing the problem as a women’s issue and take action to stop abuse. “We can have all the strict laws in the world, but we have to make (domestic violence) socially unacceptable,... 3