Poll story was misleading


The recent article, “Poll: Most Republicans undecided in gubernatorial primary,” was misleading to voters in the Sun Journal’s readership (May 19).

It is well-known that polls are spun to favor the candidate who pays for them. Most newspapers recognize this and tend to forgo coverage of candidate-sponsored polls for that reason. In this case, the candidate who paid for the poll even refused to release all of the contents of the poll.

It also troubles me that your newspaper chose not to seek out comment from the other candidates before printing the story. This is a basic tenet of journalism that you failed to meet.

Chandler Woodcock’s candidacy for governor represents the best hope for Republicans and others interested in real change in Maine. He has a vision for where Maine ought to be, and he understands what it will take to get there.

Richard A. Bennett, co-chairman

Woodcock for Governor, Oxford