Positive identification


I am a retired Navy chief with 20 years’ service to my country; five tours in Vietnam. I have a retired ID card; have had a Maine driver’s license since 1950.

I went to renew that license in March and was asked for my birth certificate. I offered my ID, which is issued by the federal government as proof of being a U.S. citizen. It was not good enough. The birth certificate was required. I went home and got the copy of my birth certificate that I used to get married in Japan in 1963. That wasn’t good enough for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

I went back home and got the original certificate.

It took almost half a day to renew my driver’s license, and the president still has not shown his.

Looks like it is easier to run for president of the United States than it is to get a driver’s license renewed in this overtaxed state.

Roger Thomas, Lewiston

Editor’s note: According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles,  effective Nov. 15, 2008, to obtain or renew a driver’s license or non-driver identification card, you must provide valid documentary evidence of legal presence in the United States. That proof includes a certified birth certificate, passport, certificate of naturalization or certificate of U.S. citizenship, among other things. For more information, to go www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/licenses/legalpresence.htm