Potential with wind power


Wind power has enormous potential to fulfill America’s energy needs, according to the American Wind Energy Association. The industry group calculates that U.S. wind energy potential is more than twice the electricity generated in the U.S. today.

Wind power generating capacity increased by 27 percent in 2006 and is expected to increase an additional 26 percent in 2007.

Texas accounted for nearly a third of the new wind power installed in 2006. The top five states in new installations, measured in megawatts, were Texas (774), Washington (428), California (212), New York (185) and Minnesota (150).

Wind energy facilities currently installed in the United States will produce an estimated 31 billion kilowatt-hours annually. That’s enough electricity to displace about 23 million tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted by coal, natural gas, oil and other traditional energy sources, AWEA says.