Pregnant teens are tragic story


Nothing in the newspaper usually upsets me enough to prompt me into expressing my feelings in a letter to the editor. But the recent article titled “Tips on Tots” did (April 23).

I’m sure the people at Cassie’s Day Spa mean well but, come on people, a community baby shower for pregnant teens? The story made it sound like it’s all fun and games being pregnant at 14 years old: massages, free baby stuff and even a community teen party.

Is it just me being officially old or shouldn’t we be preaching abstinence, or at least birth control, to these teens instead of putting their smiling faces in the newspaper and making it look like it’s normal to be pregnant at 14 years of age?

As a grandmother of a 13-year-old girl, I believe that in today’s society, with all the sex education there is in school and the easy access to birth control, there is absolutely no excuse for any 14-year-old child (yes, child) to get pregnant.

Where were the parents of that girl?

I call that what it is: a very tragic event. Why glamorize it in a newspaper article and be so ready for free handouts?

I think the whole thing is very sad and should be treated as such.

Anita DuPont, Lewiston