Preserve Range Ponds Park


Recently my daughter and I walked into Range Ponds State Park in Poland. There were workers practically clear-cutting. No one was cleaning up the dead trees and leaves for people to walk and to lower the risk of a forest fire.

The area is almost barren. The birds were in distress and there were no other animals in sight.

I would like this park preserved for my daughter and her future child, my first grandchild. I have been going there for 11 years. I have found much peace, recreation and pleasure there. I would not be pleased by the demolition of the park.

A few years ago, Poland Spring Water Corp. bought the rights to some water and paid the state a lot of money. Why does it have to sell the trees? A small pavilion was built but the picnic tables across from the outhouse have not been replaced. This is on the side across from the main beach and the flush toilets.

On the way home, we drove on Plains Road. Almost across from the private Range Ponds Campground, on the left going toward Mechanic Falls, there was a sign for “Poland Spring Demolition.” I have to wonder what’s going on.

We seem to be losing a great natural treasure, used and appreciated by many Mainers and tourists.

Sandy Kelley, Mechanic Falls