President unfit for office?


Amendment XXV to the Constitution of the United States defines the process for replacing a president who is unfit for that office.

Are Donald Trump’s mental faculties in a state of irreversible deterioration? If so, what will it take for member of his inner circle, the sycophants in the West Wing or his followers in Congress to address the issue?

His delusions of grandeur, xenophobia and inability to tell the truth are symptomatic of a descent into full-blown psychosis.

Things are definitely going to get worse.


Gerard Decoteau, Lewiston

  • CruiserSailor

    Your absolutely right Gerard, many renown psychiatrist have broken the “Goldwater Rule” and have diagnosed Trump with many of the disorders you’ve mentioned. Add to that Trump’s paranoia regarding the Mueller investigation and we have a totally unbalanced president. God, I miss Obama!

  • FrankE

    As long as Trump is useful to the Republicans in the form of an easy signature, they won’t get rid of him. He’s a valuable tool to their corrupt sense of duty, we are all in deep danger as long as he stays in office………