Preventive measures


Motorcycle inspections are done as preventive measures for safety issues, not disciplinary actions for the bikers or harassment. Inspections identify other things besides the decibel level of loud exhausts. Tires are checked for excessive wear to reduce hydroplaning when wet. Forks are checked to prevent an accident from no suppression when encountering road hazards, as well as the usual check of all lights and horns.

I own two of Milwaukee’s best bikes myself and, like others, I want to look and sound cool. Both of my bikes are stock exhaust. I have been on the highway and had bikes approach from the rear and rev their engines and they actually startled me from the loud noise. I have seen dogs go berserk and horses rear up when bikes with modified exhaust pass on the highway. That is a safety issue for all involved.

State officials are looking at having an inspection sticker displayed on the left front fork of the bike. Some owners say, with the investment in the bike and chrome extras, that defaces the look of the bike.

My idea: a sticker that goes in one corner of the license plate, just as the registration stickers do; or an appealing semi-transparent sticker that goes right on the headlight and color-coded for law enforcement to recognize and that comes with a written receipt in case the light is replaced or the sticker is defaced or stolen.

The neighbors are happy, the road is a safer place and you still look cool.

Fred Grace, West Paris