Previous reports


According to the Maine Department of Education, several groups have recommended some form of school-system consolidation for at least a decade. Here are some of those reports:

October 2006

Brookings Institution’s “Charting Maine’s Future.” Commissioned by GrowthSmart Maine. Suggested reducing state support for school system administration in the hopes that administrations would consolidate.

September 2006

State Board of Education’s “The Learning State.” Suggested 60 districts, with an average of 3,500 students each.

August 2006

Maine Children’s Alliance’s “The Case for Cooperation”; Said the state should consider looking at school administration consolidation based geographically. (Specifically following the lines of the 26 vocational centers).


“Governor’s Taskforce for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services”; Appointed by the governor to consider school-system changes, the group told the Legislature and the governor that Maine needed to encourage collaboration between school units and needed to encourage the formation of new regional school districts.


State Board of Education’s report to the Legislature; the Legislature asked the State Board of Education to look at school-unit consolidation. The board recommended that the state consider new administrative structures, including bigger regional administrations with more functions covering a wider area.


“Keeping Promises: Honoring Our Commitment to Education Equity”; Commissioned by the 116th Legislature; Recommended that the State Board of Education review the organization of Maine school units and identify opportunities to share resource agreements statewide. Also said the board should require units to enter into cooperative agreements.

Source: Jim Rier, director of finance and operation for the Maine Department of Education