Professional pet sitters provide service at homes


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I love your column, and I read it everyday, but I need some help from your readers on two things. Does anyone know who would clean an alpaca rug? It was a gift from Peru when I was there, but it is 15 years old and never been cleaned. I would like to hang it back on my wall?

Second, does anyone out there do any dog walking? I have a large shepherd, but I cannot walk her since I had an accident and hurt my leg, If anyone could help, they could call me at 784-8353 or leave a message. Thank you so much for all you do to help the people. — Martha, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots has her oriental rug cleaned by Runge Oriental Rugs (108 Main St., Yarmouth, 846-9000). They have done a very good job cleaning up the stains, including an entire cup of coffee that Mr. Sun Spots thought would make a nice addition to the decor. She called them to ask about your alpaca rug. Mr. Runge said that if you mean your rug is made out of alpaca wool, as opposed to being a skin, he should be able to assist you, with the caveat that some modern rugs are dyed with colors that run and bleed.

As for your pooch’s need for exercise, that could depend on your dog’s temperament. If it is easy-going and friendly, you might be able to ask a neighborhood teen for help. But if your dog is aggressive or protective at all, that would not be a good idea.

There are several listings in the phone book under Pet Sitting and Exercising. Sun Spots has often used a pet sitter for her cats when she lived in Portland and traveled a lot with Mr. Sun Spots’ business, and she had very good experiences, including finding one person who was trained to deliver the subcutaneous fluids her elderly cat needed every day. Many professional pet sitters are insured and bonded and will ask you to fill out paperwork with all the details about your pet. Readers will probably want to recommend their favorite pet sitter.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Like everyone else, I sure do enjoy your interesting part of the paper. Thanks!

I am at the age of so-called golden or twilight years. However, it’s not so! But I could use some information as to where to find Bill Blass jeans. I found one pair in a large group of many at a store in Norway. There was also a sticky tab with prices and numbers saying Peter Harris (enclosed). Please if you can help me. I love these jeans and need them for my tons of fun and activities that someone 82 years old does. — Priscilla, Norway

ANSWER: Sun Spots had a bit of trouble reading your letter and couldn’t make out the name of the store in Norway. She is also going to have to depend on the readers to help you to find a local source. However, there are online sources for these jeans, including the Sierra Trading Post, which has a phone number (1-800-713-4534) if you’d like to order from them.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I watch WGME 13 every day. I have two questions:

How come Charlie Lopresti goes outside every night at 5:30 while he’s doing the weather forecast. Is it because he’s having a cigarette?

Kim Block is a very attractive lady. How come they put turtlenecks and big scarves on her and jewelry around her neck? It does not look nice on her.

Thank you. — D.S., Livermore

ANSWER: Sun Spots thinks it’s highly unlikely that Charlie Lopresti is catching a quick smoke during the forecast. (In fact, she has no reason to even think he’s a smoker.) He’s going outside to show the viewers what the weather looks like at his location at that moment. While most of us probably know what the weather is doing, people who are in the hospital or nursing homes or otherwise shut in might not have seen the sky that day.

As for Kim Block’s outfits, she probably selects them herself. TV news is very budget conscious these days, and Sun Spots doubts that WGME is buying her jewelry, although her bosses probably insist that she dress professionally and conservatively. Everyone’s taste is different, and plenty of people probably think she looks quite smart.

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