A promise we can’t afford


John Henderson challenged Rep. Jon McKane for his views on health insurance (May 15). Henderson stated: “changes to Maine’s insurance market that Rep. McKane and his Republican colleagues have proposed would leave Maine people and businesses worse off.”

The regulations Henderson defends has led to:

• 60,000 dropped individual health insurance policies. Maine had more than 90,000 individual insureds, and now has fewer than 35,000.

• More than 60,000 more dropped group health policies for the same reason. Maine used to have 70 percent of its residents insured by employers, now only 60 percent

• A family of four in Maine could pay as much as $2,288 per month for a $1,000-deductible policy. A New Hampshire resident pays $1,050 per month, thanks to Henderson’s regulations.

Maine clings to the failure of guaranteed issue. If they are worse off, why do 45 states “back in America” not have it, and why do those 45 states have cheaper health insurance? That rule doesn’t work for Maine people.

The proposals backed by Rep. McKane would be a vast improvement. They actually work to reduce premiums so people don’t need subsidies.

Maine has 25 percent of the population getting Medicaid – a promise taxpayers simply cannot afford. New Hampshire has just 8 percent of its population on Medicaid and dramatically lower health insurance premiums.

If that’s worse off, I’ll take it.

David Spellman, Westbrook