Proposed $9M school budget goes up for adoption April 15


LIVERMORE FALLS — Regional School Unit 36 directors are expected to take action on a proposed $9 million budget for 2010-11 on Thursday, April 15, at the middle school cafeteria.

The proposal is $90,015 more than the first budget initially introduced but still more than $300,000 less than the current school year’s budget.

According to Superintendent Judith Harvey, during negotiations there were $115,924 in offsets but the board reinstated $184,469 in items. The difference being $68,545.

It means that instead of Livermore’s share increasing by 0.62 percent, it would increase by 0.73 percent, and instead of Livermore Falls seeing an 0.11 percent decrease, it would be flat compared to the current year, Harvey said.

After several budget sessions the board came to a consensus Tuesday that they would reinstate the assistant principal’s position at the high school and add athletic director’s duties, Harvey said. That would alleviate a $10,000 stipend for a head-coach position.

The board also agreed to reinstate a high school English teaching position, and a secretary to be split between the high and middle schools. That leaves one secretary that would be eliminated.


Directors also decided to put $25,000 back into middle school sports. The initial budget eliminated all funding for middle school athletics.

Offsets would include using 80 percent or $80,000 of the over-budgeted amount for health insurance. The premium increase came in lower than anticipated. The district needs to have some additional money in the account in case an employee decides to take a different plan such as adding a spouse or family. That type situation occurred last week, Harvey said.

The new furniture line would be reduced by 50 percent or $11,502, and course reimbursement would be reduced by $22,612.

Several teaching positions are still proposed to be eliminated.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Harvey said, some spoke to reinstate the plumbing program at the high school. The initial budget proposed to eliminate it. The program is shared by Jay and RSU 36 in Livermore and Livermore Falls. However, Jay did not budget any money for the program for next year.

Ranor Inc. employee, Tim Madden, also a Livermore resident who worked hard to get the plumbing program into the school systems a few years ago, asked that RSU 36 raise $5,000 for the program and he would be asking Jay to do the same, Harvey said.

The additional $6,000 needed would be raised privately, she said. Ranor already pays for the plumbing instructor to teach the students the trade.

The board approved the request, she said. Directors also agreed to eliminate the Mother Goose summer program for students entering kindergarten to get them used to going to school. That $3,000 savings will be used to offset the $5,000 for the plumbing program, she said.

Jay Superintendent Robert Wall said that the system’s budget was already set and it didn’t include money for the program. He had not been officially approached about the $5,000 as of Wednesday morning, he said.

The RSU 36 meeting to adopt the budget will take place at 6 p.m. on April 15.

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