Proposed Upton budget down $17,200


UPTON — If voters approve all money articles at the annual town meeting on Thursday, March 25, they will raise and appropriately $17,200 less than last year for the municipal budget, Town Clerk Jim Rector said on Monday.

This doesn’t include county and SAD 44 assessments, which are done later in the year, he said.

Last year’s appropriation was $165,930 and the proposed 2010 appropriation is $148,730. Additionally, the proposed amount to be raised from taxation is $53,030, which is $3,400 less than the $56,430 raised last year.

According to the 26-article warrant, voters are asked to raise $19,500 from taxation for town office expenses and take $19,500 from surplus; raise $8,000 from taxation and $12,000 from surplus for town municipal buildings; and $2,000 from surplus for fire protection.

Among other articles, one asks to raise $2,000 from surplus for the town’s Sesquicentennial celebration, while another asks if the town will enter a new agreement for joint recycling and continuation of the Oxford County Regional Recycling Corp.

The town’s cost for continued membership during 2010 is $212 and will be paid from the transfer station appropriation.

Upton, which elects from the floor, will chose a town clerk, selectman, tax collector, treasurer and School Committee representative.

The annual town meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the school building.

Rector said that residents who need to register to vote prior to town meeting, can do so between 6:45 and 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 25.

Only registered voters in Upton can vote at the town meeting, he added.

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