Protect borders


Babies cry when they are hungry, wet or need cuddling. Georgia infant Jayden Swain may be shedding tears after being stripped of the legitimate title of the first baby born in 2007 in a contest sponsored by Toys “R” Us.

The corporate giant – which, by the way, recently opened its first store in mainland China – bowed to pressure from the Chinese-American community recently and awarded $25,000, along with the distinction of being America’s first born, to Yuki Lin of New York City, whose Chinese mother failed to meet eligibility requirements of the contest by not being a legal resident of the United States.

Something is wrong with this. Not everyone who stands on American soil has an inalienable right to the benefits that living in this great country has to offer. Only those who are here by virtue of citizenship and legal immigration status can lay claim to that.

Toys “R” Us is contributing to the movement that is desensitizing U.S. citizens to the presence of illegal immigrants in our country. We are slowly being conditioned to support those who maneuver around our immigration policies and reward those who enter this country illegally.

It is time for our leaders to grow backbones and protect our borders from those who would shortcut appropriate procedures and enter surreptitiously. That will happen only when the voting public shares their opinions with them.

Shanda Hathaway, Auburn

Editor’s note: Three children – Swain, Lin, and Yadira Esmerelda of Long Island, N.Y. – have been awarded savings bonds from Toys “R” Us for being born on New Year’s Day.