Proud to serve city, country


My name is Ray Vega, and I am a soldier deployed in Iraq. Both of my parents are from Puerto Rico, making me a first generation Hispanic-American. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and I do speak Spanish. Finally, I am a full-time police officer employed with the Lewiston Police Department.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the Dec. 26 edition of the Sun Journal and found my good buddy, Joe Phillipon. It was an excellent article written about minority police officers working for the LPD. There was just one problem: You wrote LPD employs only one minority, failing to mention that LPD, in fact, employs two minority officers, myself and Phillipon.

Not only am I the only Hispanic officer on the LPD, but I am one of the only Hispanics employed by any department in Maine. I am not writing you to gloat or to be a “glory hound.” I am simply writing to inform you I am proud to serve as a Lewiston police officer, and even prouder of my heritage. I am also happy to represent the small, but growing, community of Hispanics in Maine in a positive way.

I also want to commend the Lewiston Police Department for its progressive hiring process, in which it looks to attract more qualified minority applicants. As I proudly serve my country here in Iraq, I look foward to coming home and serving the city of Lewiston with that same pride and dedication.

Raymond Vega, Iraq