Providing for ourselves


This is going to hurt; it is about welfare.

I believe the problem started after World War II when my generation was starting a family. We gave our children anything they wanted because we didn’t want them to experience the lean times we had gone through from 1930-1950. Those kids learned that all they had to do was ask if they wanted something.

That was amplified in the next generation (1970 up), who advanced from asking their parents to holding their hands, palm up, to the government.

Some of that is Medicare, Medicaid, agricultural subsidies (which I have been against since their inception, despite being a farmer), food stamps and low-interest loans, just to mention a few.

A part of society feels it has the right to anything the government can provide, thinking it does not cost anything. The problem now is how to get rid of these millstones around our necks.

We cannot rely on politicians to solve this because they would be cutting their own throats at election time. The establishment has learned that to get elected, it has to provide welfare to a large portion of society (buying the votes).

I don’t have a solution except to precipitate a depression like the 1930s. Ultimately, that is a possibility with the present fiscal policies.

Some people have to learn to provide for themselves. It can be done, but it will require a big change in thinking.

Harold R. Thurston Jr., Fryeburg