A prudent choice


This is a response to the editorial comments April 10 about the town of Wells and water.

Perhaps the Kennebunk and Wells Water District actually was wise in its 2008 rejection of a deal with Poland Spring. It is my understanding that what the editorial comment refers to as Poland Spring is no longer the benign local water bottling company with a good reputation as a trustworthy community player. Rather, it is actually owned and operated by the huge Nestle Corp., with headquarters in Switzerland, that has more interest in making lots of money than in taking care of our aquifers.

With the increasing crisis in water supplies around the world and in parts of our own country, it seems prudent that all Maine communities be very cautious in granting Nestle Inc. rights to pump our aquifers for their profit.

The editorial’s suggestion of the possibility of a short-term need to raise water rates for some citizens may actually be far preferable to long-term use — and possible misuse — of the aquifer by the giant water conglomerate.

Joyce White, Stoneham