A public resource


Scientist Wilhelm Reich’s property in Rangeley stands in tribute to his work and the museum, its mission and its staff, are one of region’s most public-spirited organizations, according to Evelyn McAllister, executive director of the Rangeley Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.

“They couldn’t be more civic-minded than they are,” McAllister said. “They make a point of doing anything they can for the community. To me they are really just an invaluable resource.”

The public is invited to access the property’s well-maintained and marked hiking trail network at no charge. The museum also offers a free Sunday lecture series in the summer featuring presenters on a range of nature and outdoors subjects. The museum also opens up for various community events through the year, including annual Halloween and winter parties for children.

Most of the buzz over what and how Reich did his research or over why and how he came to be imprisoned has faded from local conversations. The museum today is mostly known for the role it plays in the greater community and as a draw for visitors the world over, McAllister said.

“None of us in town ever think about it really. We just look at all the good they do for everyone now,” McAllister said.”

For more information about Wilhelm Reich and the Wilhelm Reich Museum, including events schedule, go to: www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org

To view PDF documents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s files on Reich, go to: http://foia.fbi.gov/foiaindex/reich.htm