Public Works finds 74-year-old map in shops


LEWISTON — Officials and local historians will be on hand Thursday to unwrap a 74-year-old canvas map of the city found in the Public Works shop.

Steve Murch, city arborist and traffic supervisor, said he and his crew were clearing some space in the shop in January when they found the forgotten map.

“One of my guys called me over to look at it,” Murch said. The map was an 8-foot by 10-foot canvas scroll of the City of Lewiston at the time.

“It’s kind of exciting, but it’s not like we found King Tut’s tomb,” Murch said. “For someone interested in history, it should be pretty interesting. It’s definitely not something that should be thrown out.”

Murch and his crew wrapped the map in trash bags and delivered it to City Hall. Assistant City Manager Phil Nadeau said it will be unwrapped at 2 p.m. in Thursday in City Hall.

The map was prepared and signed by George H. Barron, engineer, and Murch said it looks like it was hand-drawn. It’s a very detailed view of the city at the time, showing locations and names of city streets as well as undeveloped areas. It’s drawn to a large scale, one inch equaling 150 feet.

“So it’s very detailed, and you can see how things were laid out and what buildings were there at the time,” Murch said. “It’s just an old map of the city, but it is cool to see.”

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