A quality education


On May 10, two conflicting opinions on school budget decisions in RSU 16 were voiced. One believed the committee has its “head in the clouds,” while the other insists all decisions being made are for the children.

I understand the frustrations in any tax increase. To be 100 percent honest, I am a struggling homeowner without a job, two children and a husband working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and pay our bills.

However, I would welcome a tax increase if it meant my children would receive a quality education. One balanced with dynamic educators, up-to-date resources, and a vision for the future.

For people, the proposed tax increase could mean a $5 increase per week (when broken down for a $300,000 home), 52 weeks a year. Anyone can afford that increase by skipping doughnuts and coffee one morning, Burger King lunches at noon, packs of cigarettes, etc.

Anyone who honestly says this is unfair should be ashamed. The RSU 16 School Committee is not a bunch of people holding children up as a shield. They are dedicated to the students. To say otherwise portrays complete ignorance of today’s educational system and all of the state and federal mandates being pushed upon districts.

The funding increase is directly related to the innocent children in the schools who deserve a voice and a chance for a brighter future.

I will be voting “yes” for the children of RSU 16.

Michelle Gagnon, Minot