Question Democrats’ tactics


Democrats have control of Congress, control of the Maine Legislature and governorship.

Questions arise:

• In Congress, are they going to act like patriotic Americans and help to win this war against the Islamofascist terrorists? Remember, unprovoked, the terrorists came after us on 9/11 and have vowed to destroy us. Further attempts have been thwarted since then.

• Or, will the Democrats put their party politics first and oppose our efforts in Iraq, so as not to achieve an American victory in Iraq? Victory is essential for the future safety of our children. Without victory, we will be attacked again and again. The terrorists don’t care if those they kill and decapitate are Democrats or Republicans.

Opposition to the war in Iraq provides great encouragement to the enemy who would be equally discouraged if facing a united America.

• In Maine, will the Democrats increase taxes, as recommended by the blue-ribbon commission, to support a severely flawed Dirigo health plan? Aren’t Maine residents taxed enough? That program has already used the $52 million of federal start-up money and now goes after a larger amount from state funds. We can’t afford this fiasco and its heavy administrative expense.

The Democrats can change the insurance laws so that ordinary citizens can afford health insurance. Why don’t the Democrats do that? Competitive companies could then appear in the marketplace, since currently we are dependent solely on the for-profit Anthem-BC/BS company which is in bed with Dirigo.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn