Questions for Poliquin


MoveOn invited Rep. Bruce Poliquin to attend a small “town hall” gathering in Norway on Aug. 31, but he did not attend. It was organized specifically for local residents to have a chance to speak with him.

I have questions I hoped he would answer:

If he doesn’t believe that every U.S. citizen has a right to affordable health care, exactly who does and who doesn’t deserve affordable health care?

If he says that he supports job creators, what is he doing to provide a well educated, creative and healthy work force? Or, maybe those jobs he speaks of do not require those attributes?

If he is being strong on economic policy and watching the bottom line of policy changes, what costs and benefits are he considering? What price does he put on the degradation of human lives and the environment? Does he have ledger lines for pollution, sickness, addiction or bigotry? How about sustainability, transparency or equity?

When he says that he is against abortion because he loves his child, is he implying that I, who believe women have the right to control their own reproductive choices, love my child less? If so, I find that implication very offensive and absolutely deny the possibility that he could love his child more than I love mine.

Does he believe that he has a greater responsibility to President Trump, than to me?

Our political process must be based on constructive communication. I am listening — is he?

Kerry Read, Paris