R. Ault: A better alternative


Talking with friends and associates (Republicans, Democrats and independents), I learn more of them are now endorsing Eliot Cutler for governor.

I lament the loss of civility, courtesy, cooperation and the rise of conflict, contentiousness and confrontation among local and national leaders and legislators. I resent the interference from out-of-state PAC wealth that unduly influences Maine’s electoral processes and outcomes. I deplore negative, deceptive media ads that debase and demean candidates.

Cutler is a better alternative to address those grievances.

He is not beholden to PAC special interest groups and runs a positive, respectful and informative campaign.

I recall the election of 1974 when an independent ran against two more preferable candidates. Pollsters proclaimed the independent could not win. His slogan: “Think about it.” Voters did; Gov. James Longley won.

Cutler is the most competent candidate to be governor, and he can win.

Think about it.

Ruth Ault, Wayne