R. Bechard: Obama must be impeached


For the past six years, America has suffered through the corruption and scandals of the Obama administration.

The president has bypassed Congress while using executive orders that were beyond the law and totally unconstitutional.

The scandals — the IRS, Benghazi, the incident called “fast-and-furious” and others — combined with Obama’s executive order about illegal immigrants and the lies about Obamacare are all examples of the corruption.

His calling the Fort Hood killings an example of workplace violence … that is just nuts. And now he has let the worst racist thug and agitator, Al Sharpton, into the people’s White House. That is way out of line.

Obama does not act like a president at all. He acts more like a king, an emperor.

When the Republicans take over Congress in 2015, it will be time to impeach Obama because he thinks he is more above the law than Richard Nixon ever was, and Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston