R. Bruce: A respect for Lewiston


It is all too easy to happen upon news of politicians misappropriating funds or jumping sides of the fence. I generally turned a shoulder to politics, believing it was less about helping people and more about pleasing certain groups of people.

Yet, these days I am more optimistic. Luke Jensen is an upcoming Republican, running for the State House. I believe he has the potential to breathe fresh air into this system.

He and I were classmates at Lewiston High School where I, along with my peers, elected him class president throughout our high school career. We knew that he cared what we thought and would confront issues head on.

While high school politics are a far cry from politics on a state and national level, it was apparent years ago that Luke Jensen has a respect for Lewiston, not just what the city is, but what it can be.

Richard Bruce, Lewiston