R. Charpentier: Getting the facts straight


In the Dec. 12 “Bliss Thru Shopping” column (love that section of the Sun Journal), Bag Lady mistakenly wrote about the Hobby Lobby store, soon to open, that “… we’re getting that craft store that’s arguing in front of the Supreme Court over its rights not to cover contraception.”

That the Hobby Lobby business does not offer insurance to cover contraception is absolutely not true, but I can understand why she thought that (media bias).

In fact, Hobby Lobby actually lavishes contraceptive coverage on its employees, coverage that includes access (co-pay free) to 16 FDA-approved birth control methods. It asked for freedom to not offer coverage for four methods that owners believe are abortifacients: Plan B (morning-after pill); Ella (similar type of emergency); copper intra-uterine device; and IUD with progestin.

Ron Charpentier, Lewiston