R. Fraser: Cost effective law enforcement


Tim Lajoie is the only candidate for sheriff with a degree in criminal justice and public administration; the only candidate with military service; he has been recognized for high scholastic achievement; he is the only candidate with experience in law enforcement, corrections, communications and police chaplaincy; and the only candidate with federal law enforcement experience in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Lajoie says, “There will be no favorites, no cliques, and no regard for political allegiances. There will be no good ol’ boy system. The best and most dedicated will lead the organization. Period.”

He is an impressive individual to talk to. His passion for doing a good job for the citizens and taxpayers of Maine is impressive. He will be a manager dedicated to delivering cost-effective law enforcement and corrections services to the residents of Androscoggin County.

Tim Lajoie is endorsed by Gov. Paul LePage, Mayor Bob Macdonald and me.

Rene Fraser, Minot