R. Hansen: Looking at the candidates


As a taxpayer, honorably discharged veteran, still working “retiree” and independent voter, I offer thoughts for Nov. 4.

Shenna Bellows, for eight years has been Maine director of the ACLU, the parent organization having been founded by communists Roger Baldwin and William Foster; it stances almost always oppose the Constitution.

Emily Cain wants a 34.6 percent minimum wage increase which, arguably, would destroy many small businesses in Maine.

Eliot Cutler has been a Democrat, Republican and an independent. His commercials bash his opponents rather than defining his plans.

Mike Michaud (for whom I previously voted) declined to help me with a major VA issue, or to help Maine retirees who are suffering under Social Security’s discriminatory WEP regulation.

Paul LePage (for whom I didn’t vote in 2010) has integrity and works for the betterment of Maine, even though I don’t always agree (his views regarding public education being an example).

Robert Hansen, Auburn