R. Lacombe: Needs not being realized


The State of the State speech last month by Gov. Paul LePage needed more rehearsing and editing. An excerpt from his message, noteworthy enough to quote, was that the “state of Maine is on the road to prosperity.”

Sorry, governor, but before the state can travel the road to prosperity, economic recovery, bringing meaningful results, must be attained.

Even if Gov. LePage looks to be re-elected, the recovery might not happen, or come too late to help him.

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message was not profound enough to help him get re-elected. He has too many failures on his report card.

The federal government was in desperate need of an overhaul before Obama was elected. The economic problems and deficit have escalated during his first term.

It will be difficult for some Republicans to win the nomination for president because voters are fed up with the millionaire politicians. They make more money in a day than the average American.

Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that Mitt Romney disclosed his net worth. Perhaps it convinced some voters that it is intrinsically unfair to have rich politicians in Washington.

America doesn’t need millionaires in politics. And Congress should have passed a law against insider trading years ago. Perhaps that would have kept millionaire politicians out of Washington.

Robert Lacombe, Sabattus